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monsters to destroy the souls of children. >>> sherman helmsly has died at age 74. police in texas say he was found at his home, there's no word yet on the cause of death. >>> actor chad everett, the star of the '70s tv series, "medical center" has died of lung cancer as age 75. >>> and archaeologists say they may have found the remains of the woman commonly thought to be the model of the "mona lisa" experts may be able to reconstruct the face and compare it to the picture. >>> here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. the "washington post" reports environmental groups are launching a campaign against republican lawmakers, they're calling the flat earth five. because they question greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and other sources are transforming the earth's climate. >>> the "huffington post" reports that the republicans in the house mistakenly confused the words employment and unemployment. that led house democrat nancy pelosi to joke, looks like they should stop harping about red tape and start looking for the white-out. >>> "mother jones" reports c
in dallas, texas, hundreds of angry people surrounded a crime scene after police shot and killed a man this evening. we don't know what led to the shooting. dozens of additional officers were called in to keep the crowd from going on to the field where it happened. despite tensions running high, things did not get physical between the crowd and the police. >>> dark knight movie star christian bale makes a surprise visit to the colorado movie massacre. the investigator returnsed to the crime scene and the suspect's apartment looking for clues in the kay. jay gray has the report. >> reporter: the focus in aurora turned back to the suspect's apartment. prosecutors getting their first look inside. while back at the crime scene, a chain link fence went up around theater. evidence teams continuing their search. as mourners search for comfort in the wake of the tragedy. >> it's a feeling of sadness and such loss. such loss for all the families. >> reporter: families like this. >> he was one of the best sons any man could ever have. and i've been honored to know him. >> i need officers on the
with this legislation. california, texas, new york saying we want to be able to do this but we also don't want to change our sales tax rules to have some kind of uniformity for these interstate transactions taking place, and that is what comes back on the shoulders of the congress because we have the ultimate responsibility for writing the law, related to interstate commerce and doing so in a fair manner not only for the brick and mortar businesses but also for the small businesses that are at this point in time i think still confronted with a very complex many thousands of multitudes more complex than a business in in your state or another state numbing what the state's requirements are and only having to meet the requirements of the state. so i commend the author of the legislation, and i commend all of you for trying to find a way to simplify. but i would urge you to work further to bring about more simplification in terms of a definition to each state that wants to purchase of in this, we have one definition. i would prefer to see one rate, three is better than 9,000 some. but i would prefer to see
minority member of the committee on oversight and government reform. the gentleman from texas, mr. smith, the gentleman from michigan, mr. conyers, the gentleman from california, mr. issa, and the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly, each will control 30 minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. issa. mr. issa: thank you, madam chair. i yield myself two minutes. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. issa: thank you. job creation is rightfully the top of americans' agenda. americans know that as long as the unemployment rate stays high , wages are stagnant and more than 12.7 million americans seek jobs they cannot find. more than 42% or nearly six million of those americans have been unemployed for more than six months. madam chair, the verdict is in, the president's stimulus plan has failed, while costing over $1 trillion and still counting, those jobs that were created were short and they too are disappearing. ultimately small business will create the engine going forward. today's bill in fact is designed specifically to give confidence
to the author of this bill, the gentleman from texas, the man who understands that not knowing should never be an answer, mr. paul. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. issa: two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: for two minutes. mr. paul: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise obviously in strong support of this legislation. i don't know how anybody could be against transparency and they want secrecy, especially when the secrecy is to protect individuals who deal in trillions of dollars, much bigger than what the congress does, and these trillions of dollars bail out all the wealthy , rich people, the banks and the big corporations, international, overseas banks, bailing out europe, dealing with central banks around europe, around europe, and different places. and so say that we should have secrecy and say that it's political to have transparency, well, it's very political when you have a federal reserve that can bail out one company and not another company. that's pretty political. i know when people talk about independence and having this privacy of th
of a gruesome truck crash in south texas has died. police now think the accident was caused by a tire that separated. 15 people have passed away and 8 are still in this hospital after sunday's crash. all 23 people packed into the truck are believed to be illegal immigrants who had just crossed into texas. >>> and the los angeles city is cracking down on medical marijuana shops. voting to ban hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries across the city. some neighbors who lived near pot shops have complained. if the mayor approves this crackdown, patients and caregivers will still be allowed to grow their own. >>> and return to the olympics, the opening ceremony is set for friday but the games start today believe it or not. six women's soccer games on the docket. >> good to know. the usa takes the field against france at noon eastern. the match is taking place not in london but glasgow scotland. good luck to the ladies of the u.s. of a. >> here we go, olympics time. in the meantime we have highlights from last night's baseball action. it was a little rough out there. all of the highlight
six in the eighth and down the brewers. texas was an out and an inch away from getting out in the ninth. alex aviles with a bloop single. in coming the go-ahead rub. boston wins it, 2-1. >>> it's one of the most exciting plays on baseball. runners on third and the indians pull off the squeeze. aaron cunningham pulls off the bunt. that's the difference. indians cage the tigers, 3-2. >>> to chicago where the twins' josh williams hit not one but two home runs against the white sox. unfortunately he was the only minnesota play their did anything. sox win big, 11-4. >>> to london where team usa played their final exhibition game before the olympics. got off to another slow start against spain. carmelo anthony sparks it. finishing with 27 points. the americans pull away in the third quarter off the turnover. lebron james flies in for the dunk. the dream team wins, 100-78. their first game of the olympics is sunday versus france. he's what they'll be playing for. the medals of the 2012 olympic games were unveiled yesterday. there will be 212 awarded each with the emblem of the lon
in texas says he was found in his home. there's no word yet on his cause of death. >>> actor chad everett, the star of the '70s tv series "medical center" has died in los angeles at the age of 75 of lung cancer. >>> and italian archaeologists say they may have found the remains of the woman commonly thought to be the model for the mona lisa, the masterpiece by leonardo da vinci. experts may be able to reconstruct the face to compare it with the one leonardo painted about 500 years ago. >>> and now here is an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dough opens at 12,716 after stumbling 104 points yesterday. the s&p dropped 12. the nasdaq sank 27. >>> taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei shot down 122 points, while in hong kong the hang seng lost 25. >>> well, bad news from apple after the bell was a fitting end to a dreary tuesday. apple tumbled in late trade after reporting a rare earnings and revenue slip, some of which was tied to pending sales of the new iphone 5 but could still weigh down tech stocks today. >>> weak manufacturing data an
trade in the texas heat at any time for the humidity. >>> straight ahead here on the news edge. >> i'm sue palka, brian, we had a beautiful day today. get ready for the heat, we have a right heat advisory in effect story tomorrow -- for tomorrow. dean go away. fox 5 news will be back.  . >>> tonight, a fox 5 investigation, you don't want to miss. the there are colleges in name only, diploma mills where degrees can be bought and paid for. they learned some professors at a local university earned their ph.ds from one theseup accredited schools. fox 5 sherri ly is here with the preview. >> reporter: it cost $39,000 at a legitimate university. that is not how some got their ph.ds. our fox 5 investigation uncovered a university of the british virgin islands with no address but a post office box. it's the place where three udc professors claimed they got their ph.ds. we checked out the university and it's not recognized by the department of education or any recognized accrediting agencies in the u.s. and britain. by federal law, it meets the definition of a den lema mill. >> do you
veteran. he died yesterday at his home in el paso, texas. hemsley was 74. >>> 6:15 now. this morning a shocking video just released in connection with an ongoing lawsuit against sea world. take a look here. the video shows a trainer being dragged underwater by a 6,000 pound killer whale. that whale grabs the trainer by the foot and drags him under water for several minutes. it took about eight minutes for the trainer to break free. this happened during a live performance in san diego in 2006. the trainer did survive. >>> pepsi says it will continue to advertise and sponsor penn state. this comes after state farm announced its pulling its ads in the wake of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. general motors says it is reconsidering its sponsorship deal and wall street is threatening to downgrade the school's credit rating. this news comes as the university works to remove joe paterno's legacy. construction workers took down the wall that stood behind the bronze statue of paterno. the statue was removed on sunday. >>> we could get a sense today of whether congress will act to k
: the gentlelady yields back the balance of her time. the gentleman from texas. mr. smith: mr. chairman, i yield one minute to the gentleman from nevada, mr. amodei, who is a member of the judiciary committee. the chair: the gentleman from nevada for one minute. mr. amodei: thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, mr. chairman, for the time. i find it interesting that we're sitting here having a discussion about regulations in this context. i believe that it is the regulations that are the byproduct of this process that we engage here. it's called legislation. the regulatory process is not the fourth branch of government, that has no accountability to anyone and basically can do whatever the heck it darn well pleases. the agencies that we are talking about here today, none of which exist in the constitution, were created by this congress which means if we created you, we can darn well talk about the regulations that you provided. when i hear words like ideology, cynicism, really bad policy, what is the danger in predictability, for instance, in the timing of the regulatory process? there is nothing i
including texas, which hey, also made voting more difficult and also, hey, was rebuffed by the justice department, which is also now in court waiting for a judge's ruling. according to the doj, there are a million and a half voters in texas who don't have the kind of id the state now requires for voting. a million and a half. so far, two states who have seen their voter id laws rejected by the justice department in the last year alone. two doesn't seem like a big number before you realize before texas and south carolina made voting more difficult, the justice department hadn't rejecting a state voting law in 20 years. nothing for 20 years, then in just one year, the department has to do it twois t it twice. most of the states under the department of justice's jurisdiction on these things are in the south and it's thanks to the 1965 voter rights act. but there's an ask rsk. they have to get department of justice approval. in new hampshire's republican legislature made it more difficult to vote and the governor vetoed the law and the legislature overroad that, changing the legislation sl
seman, texas a&m university, chief research officer and vice president for research testified, and i quote, federal agencies and federal regulators must reduce and/or eliminate unnecessary, overly burdensome, and/or redundant regulatory and reporting obligations for universities and their faculty in order to maximize investments more directly into research priorities and allow faculty time to be optimally utilized. dr. leslie tolbert, university of arizona, senior vice president for research testified, again i quote, the growing burden of compliance with the increasing numbers and complexity of federal regulations consumes increasing amounts of time and money, having less for more direct support for research. finally, dr. james sedow, vice provost for research at my alma mater, duke university, testified that research universities have been subjected to and i quote, growing number of research related compliance regulation that is have flowed down from federal agencies over the past 10 to 15 years, and that record, the research related and quality assurance cost to duke between 2000 a
to two stars. sherman hensley passed away at his home in texas. no word on a cause of death. >>> fans of the series medical center are remembering chad everett. he died tuesday he was 75. >>> 6:40. two shootings in california. and they have sparked a lot of violence by the way of protest. this is outside of city hall as members voted to ask the u.s. attorney to investigate. demonstrators who did not attend the meeting took to the streets tossing rocks and bottles and setting trash cans on fire. >>> and how an actor and a silver lining for a dark cloud over parts of colorado. >>> what is going on. a congressman gets to the bottom of a drug shortage problem. >>> and an apartment complex in pg county nothing but charred remains. people trying to get on with their lives e we have sunshine, low humidity. and baseball weather. that's after the break. >>> back now to the breaking news. authorities that cal ripkins mother has been found safe. she has been located and is being interviewed. this is a picture of the 75- year-old. her vehicle was seen of essex after 8:00 last night. she has been
of actor helmsley. >> the 74-year-old was found yesterday at his home in el paso, texas. his career spanned 40 years, and been best known for his since.""projects well we're movin' on up to the east side to a delux apartment ♪ the sky >> from the first time the song in 1975, two things were true, but he would asays be known to the world georgia% and that on the day he an african- be known.ould he started on "all in the family." a middle- spinoff, familyfrican-american american family enjoyed over 11 seasons. not bad for a child raised by a mother who worked in a factory delivered mail while he was studying to be an actor. in his 74 years he moved up and us with him. i had a chance to meet him guy, very great personable, kills good to be around someone like that. 72 degrees right now. >> still ahead, behind-the- of "modern family," how the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. excuse us, while we change into something morcomfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. naupa 5:00 hour investigators looking into the lead
death comes as we also learned that actor sherman died at his home in el paso, texas. he was best known as -- for his of george jefferson on "the jeffersons." it is unclear how he died. he was 74 years old. show -- at popular threatening.s six stars of "modern family" together and suing 20 century fox. that contracts other works, from is illegal in california. they are also talking about caps. studios declined to comment. we love that show. .et's talk about the weather ready for a break? one day? we take what we can get. it is summer outside tonight. , sort oflot of clouds above us that did protect us from some of that weather that hit to our south. today wasemperature 93 -- 93. right now it is 83 degrees and less humid. earlier wind gusts around clarksburg, 41 miles per hour. not officially a severe storm was a little bit of spot that it had damaged. look at our temperatures. part of the country, droughte terrible continues. omaha and kansas city, 103 degrees. an idea of that more dry coming our way. spots like st. louis -- it was 107 degrees today. the record is 111. can you imagine t
♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: good morning billy in texas. >> caller: hey steph you really just disarm me with that song. >> stephanie: that's why i do it. >> that's clever. >> stephanie: it's hard to get back to you're talking point. >> caller: have you ever wonder idea there is not a lot of gun debacles like that in texas? >> stephanie: why there are no gun debacles in texas. >> oh, there have been mass shootings in texas. >> caller: stand by and admit. every time one of these knuckle heads dye their hair in orange and pink we symptom them. >> stephanie: it's hair color. >> caller: let's not go there. >> you do preemptive violence. let's hurt them before they might hurt someone else. >> caller: vigilante. >> it is a vigilant any thing that you're talking about. >> caller: really, really? >> stephanie: that's grounds for assault if someone dyed--what are you, the mitt romney of texas? >> caller: would it have been better if we vigilantized that guy or he shot everybody up. >> are you just making stuff up, or do you really go and beat up people who you think might hurt people down the roa
in a moment by republican conference chairman jeff henderling of texas and utah republican mike lee. senator, look. to me this is a great opportunity to help the economy. instead, class warfare gets in the way. now it's an opportunity to cause a double dip recession. why did it have to happen this way, senator lee? >> it didn't have to happen this way. it shouldn't have had to happen this way. it's not the fault of the american people that congress hasn't done the hard things, that congress hasn't made the decision to cut where cutting is needed. raising taxes is not going to help the situation. yet that is what's happening. in the process of raising taxes, we are not only not going to solve the problem because 94% of our deficit still remain intact. what we are going to do is kill 710,000 jobs according to ernst & young, jobs from the people who can least afford it. they are not top 1% jobs, mind you. >> jeb, welcome back to the show. we appreciate it. you will be our last bastion. please tell us there is no chance the senate bill will pass the house. no class warfare. no tax hikes on succe
. this is going to bring very welcomed rainfall towards kansas, oklahoma and down towards texas, as well. also seeing severe weather raesz the great lakes. storms knocking out thousands of power here as the storms blew up on your wednesday it does look like this is going to be on tap yet again. really what is fuelling this is the cold and warm air masses colliding here really creating a war zone in here. you can see where the cold front was and the warm front and south of that it is hot. ouichita with a high of 41. cool in winnipeg. 22 for your high on wednesday. towards europe also seeing rough weather across italy towards the balkans. all due to this lingering area of low pressure still bringing the rough weather here for you. on the other hand towards the southern portions of the u.k. getting ready for the olympics it isry maining rather dry here on your wednesday and thursday. look towards the side of your screen, possibility of rainfall coming in on your friday. at least on thursday those sungy skies and temperatures still remaining hot on friday. into the evening hours there is a chance
in his home in texas yesterday. >>> it's always nice to get a kofrmlyment. michelle bachmann just got a big one. she's been named one of the 50 most beautiful people on the hill. the former presidential candidate came in at number 10 on the annual list. the top spot went to 25-year-old max angling, a staff assistant. >> we certainly do not know or would not recognize, right? >> yeah, that would be a very interesting thing to check out. >>> still ahead on wjz eyewitness's news at noon. it's a fantastic summer day outside. your complete first warning weather forecast is now just 2 minutes away. >> but first here's a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. the first time i saw fios, it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable. once we got fios, it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. [ male announcer ] don't settle for the same old cable technology. now you can move up to verizon fios with no annual contract required for just $99.99 a month for a year, you'll get a fios triple play and our w
. >> varios estados como texas, california y virginia que harÁn que compaÑÍas que no tienen presenc presencia fÍsica en otros estados a comprar impuestos de venta, 45 estados cobranÍsi impues impuestos en venta. >> el problema es que prÁcticamente nadie declara impuestos. >> el congreso estudio una ley que todos los consumidores paguen el impuestos & emo pesas q pre empresas en lÍnea dicen que los pequeÑoss negocios son los mÁs afectados. >> es complejo cobrarÍsimo puestos a las ventas para todos los estadoss, creo que es justo, pero para las compaÑÍas grandes. >> lo ocurre es que los estados han gastado de una manera irresponsable y ahora necesitan ka cada vez mÁs ingreso, esto es un intento de alzar impuestos para cubrir gastos de los polÍticos. >> algunas compaÑÍas han decidido apoyar la idea de cobrar impuestos y quieren que todos combrbren impuestos porqus justo, desde washington univisiÓn. >> el sospechoso de una de las peors masacres de estados unido podria ser sentenciado a muerte. >> los lugares pÚblicos carecen de seguridad, podria aumentar seguro en el cine. >> les m
unió a estado como california new york y texas. en el día de acción nacional para el aumento del salario mínimo. a gritos los trabajadores clamaron acción inmediata del congreso federal para que puedan ganar lo que consideran justo. >>> >>> no pienso que es justo. que una persona diga que no podemos ganar más porque el trabajo de nosotros no vale nada el salario mínimo es 7 dólares con 25 centavos aún así muchos trabajadores que sostenerse a su familias tienen que hacer malabares. >>> yo tengo una familia de 2 y tengo un... y 8:25 no me alcanza necesitamos ganar más para pagar las cuentas y darle alimento a nuestras familias. >>> la última vez que el congreso aprobó el aumento del salario mínimo fue en el 2007. >>> gano 8.25 y son uno y estoy solo y el costo de vida es alto para mí. >>> un padre de familia gana el mínimo y tiene 2 hijos tiene que trabajar 100 horas a la semana para cubrir las necesidad es básicas. >>> hay una ley pro taourpuesta congreso que quiere subir más de 2 dólares por hora y tonces, lo que necesitamos es que más representados apoyen esta l
in the entertainment sherman hemsley died yesterday.he was found unresponsive in his el paso texas home.he was best known as wise-cracking george jefferson on "the jeffersons." he also played deacon ernest frye in the sitcom "amen." hemsley was 74 years old. republican leaders are calling for a criminal investigation into president obama's campaign... after ads were filmed in the west wing of the white house housein this ad... the president poses in the map room... located on the ground floor of the white house. take a look. :02-:10 "you have a take a look.the white house. take a look. :02-:10 "you have a choice to make. not just between two political parties or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. according to r-n-c chair reince priebus... it's illegal to solicit political contributions from any area of the white house... used for official business. but the white house spokesman says there's nothing improper about it... and that the map room is considered part of the white house residence... saying it's been used in campaign ads in past admin
in texas. >>> in our consumer alerts hundreds of thousands of strollers are being recalled. some models made between the years of 2004 and september of 2007 because children can become trapped and even strangled in them. only strollers with a child tray and cup holder are part of the recall. you can get a complete list of the numbers at our web site at if you own the stroller stop using it immediately and contact them for a free repair kit. >>> a lot of people are struggling with their day-to- day finances so it's no surprise many are also having difficulty planning their financial futures. there's a new survey and it finds that less than one-third of us have a a comprehensive financial plan. it isn't just about planning for retirement, it includes short-term needs as well. >> certainly people think about retirement, but planning for rainy days emergencies estate planning and taxes are a part of financial planning. >> experts say investment plans don't need to be complicated a savings account can be a good start and small increments. >>> the next time you go to the airport
passed away. they found his body unresponsive at his home in texas. and the cause of death is pending the result of an autopsy. he was known as george jefferson. first, he was on all in the family and then had the spit off, the jeffersons. he is dead at 74. >>> and it looks like an abduction and prank by one of the jack. a ss movies. and it show as woman being put in the trunk and it was ton in front of a security camera with a number of witnesses watching in the parking lot. but you see three teens came forward and admitted that it was a hoax. they have not been charged. and they got the idea from the popular movie. >>> and if you look out the window and see a lion asleep on a table. that's what happened to a woman in california but she was scared for no reason. >> it was a real cat but a dead cat, we thought let's put in in the neighbor's yard and scare the wife. before the neighbor came home another neighbor saw it. >> wonder where he got that from? >> the neighbor called 911 and it was a big mix up. she said she hopes the neighbor does not have any more stuffed animals. >>> we are
hemsley died at his home in el paso, texas yesterday morning. he is best known for his role as george jefferson, the owner of a dry cleaning company who moved on up the social ladder on "the jeffersons." it was one of the first tv shows with a mostly black cast. hemsley served in the air force and also sang. sherman hemsley was 74 years old. >>> this year's aids conference in d.c. is trying to turn the tide against the disease. today researchers will present the latest science they hope will turn the crime. yesterday the annual aids march turned tense as more than a dozen activists were arrested in front of the white house. they clashed with police when they tried to tie money, pill bottles and red ribbons to the white house fence. thousands took part in that march. >>> this morning a babysitter is charged with the murder of a baby nine months ago. police arrested 20-year-old carol lutsky on monday. they say she was watching an 11-month-old in october. at the time lutsky said the boy became unresponsive. instead of calling 911 she took the baby to his mother who then took the ball to
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who touched everyone he worked with. this is gordon cowden, age 51. gordon was originally from texas and lived in aurora with his family. he was -- quote -- "a quit-witted world traveler with a keen sense of humor." he will are remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle. gordon took his two teenaged children to the theater the night of the shooting, both of whom thankfully made it out unharmed. >> this is jessica ghawi, age 24. jessica was an aspiring journalist, most recently interning with mile high sports radio in denver and went by the nickname redfield. she was hard working and ambitious with a generous spirit and kind heart. when numerous homes were recently destroyed by colorado wildfires, ghawi decided to start collecting hockey equipment to donate to the kids affected because she wanted to help. >> thithis is john thomas layer. she was a cryptological technician also at buckley. a job which requires "exceptional good comarkt and skills." originally from chicago, he was the youngest of five children and join
laws in texas poll taxes. today, the department of justice launched an investigation into pennsylvania's voter id laws, too. republicans who passed these laws insist they just want a fair election. but now we have learned the attorneys defending pennsylvania's voter id rules have admitted there's. no voter fraud. the state signed a stipulation saying there have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in pennsylvania. the state says there's no voter fraud. they don't even know of any cases in other states, either. not one single case, but tomorrow, they're going to trial to defend rules that could keep more than 758,000 people from voting. that's more than 9% of pennsylvania's voters. the rules hit urban areas even harder. 18% of people in philadelphia don't have state ids. so if there's no voter fraud, why keep these americans from voting? one of the state's most powerful republicans explained his support of voter id. >> voter id, which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> it just don't get no clearer than that. they're tr
was living in el paso, texas. caught on tape...a man appears to put a woman in the trunk of the parking lot of a syracuse, new york grocery store last night. a dark-colored sedan came into the lot...and then to an abrupt stop. the driver is then seen removing what appears to be a woman from the rear seat...and then into the trunk of the car. he then gets back in phe car and drives off. the woman appeared to be unconscious.police haven't ruled out the possibility it may be some type of prank... but are concerned about the woman's well-being. a tragic scene in texas yesterday....checkkout the wreckage of a 17-vehicle pileup on interstate 20 -- including five tractor-traiiers.bad weather may have caused the crash, which killed two people. a dust-storm triggered a thunder-storm in the area, making it hard for drivers to see. two other people were critically injured. more charges are expected in the case of a former lab technician accused of infecting 30 patients with hepatitis c. c.david kwiatkowski has worked at hospitals in at least 8 states... includinn johns hopkins.he appeared in
truck crash in south texas. as the accident claimed yet another life. a 15th victim died. eight passengers are still in the hospital after the sunday crash. investigators say the -- rather, sorry about that, the right front tire the pickup truck came apart. all 23 people packed into the truck are believed illegal immigrants who just crossed into texas. >>> reaction is coming in to a legal landmark in the city of philadelphia. a high-ranking roman catholic church official was sentenced for his role in covering up sex abuse charges against priests. as abc's linsey davis reports, the judge delivered not just the sentence, but also a devastating rebuke. >> reporter: monsignor william lynn, the first official in the catholic church convicted of a crime for shielding priests known to be predators, will have to pay a three to six years penance behind bars. >> he locked in a vault the names of men that he knew had abused children. he now will be locked away for a fraction of the time he kept that secret vault. >> reporter: lynn of the official in the fiscalia archdiocese -- in the phila
was the texas secretary of state and a customs broker until 2000. you talk about a fresh face in mexico. there is an article recently from the they say it is a return to the party that ruled mexico for a period of time. put that in perspective for us. guest: it actually was the party in power for many years until the last 12 years. a lot of people say, well, now you're going to go back to the old system. well, the way i see this, this is my analysis. democracy has changed a lot. i do not think they can go back to the way it was because the new society in mexico demands it. you saw a movement. they are demanding changes and because of that, i think the new changes we have in mexico will not allow them to go back to the way it was. they have to pay attention to the new demands in mexico. host: your constituencies are a member of the homeland security committee. guest: when you have 1,200 miles, it is a lot. you have to look at the terrain. it is a very different type of terrain. we have, and now, less people coming in from any other time since 1971, 1972. there are actually m
paso, texas. sherman hemsley, an indelible mark. he was 74. >> always wondered what was going to come out of his mouth. >>> eight minutes past the hour. the senate votes this afternoon on competing plans to extend the bush era tax cuts. we keep on talking about this. the democratic plan would extend the cuts for couples making less than $250,000 a year. individuals making under $200,000. republicans want to extend the tax cuts for all taxpayers, including the wealthiest americans. neither proposal is expected to pass. >> so nothing will happen. at the end of the day, nothing changes. >> nothing changes. >> welcome to washington, everyone. >>> you have to look at this video. because it looks like something sinister. see for yourself. surveillance video from a supermarket showing a man, it looks like a man putting a woman into the trunk of a car. coming up, we're going to tell you what police say is really happening in this video. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has
over texas heat any day, so, you know, i am feeling comfortable out here and that will be fun. if it's cold outside and i have seen them do it before, i won't and they go and play football when it's 20 degrees outside and that is about your mind set. if you say it's shot -- hot, it will will be a bad day. >> and do -- did you lose two points from april? >> i am 225 today. and it doesn't matter what my weight is. in college, they tell you to weigh a certain weight. in the pros, you play what you comfortable at and as long as i'm from 218 to 225, i should be fine. >> sounds like being humble is helping you gain the trust and respect of your teammates. is there anything else you are doing? >> and they see how hard i work and you talk to them about a little things and what is lasting long and what they copper can long in the leg and sometimes people, people think it's what you say when you're in the huge group that makes people think yew a leader. sometimes it's the conversations you have with guys and i think i have done a lot of that and not intensionally, but happens and that is to so
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